What is

The WaveRider is a stand alone household appliance that generates a noise field to protect human body cells from the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

It uses a proprietary, patented technology to produce random and “noisy” frequencies that are found in natural surroundings. These frequencies then “ride” on our cell phone and Wi-Fi frequencies, creating a hybrid frequency that still carries signal strength but is perceived as “natural” by our cells.

All-Day Protection

For as long as it is switched on, the WaveRider creates an EMR-safe sanctuary that is 18m in diameter.

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Noise Field Technology

The WaveRider generates “noisy” frequencies that “ride” on man-made signals without compromising transmission quality.

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Lab tests have shown that the WaveRider is capable of lowering the SAR of mobile phones by up to 40%.

Scientifically Proven

Nemko Global Services, RF Exposure Lab LLC, MET Laboratories, and Molecular Diagnostic Services are just some of the independent and international names that have tested and validated the efficiency of WaveRider.

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Who Needs WaveRider™?

Those who work long hours with a computer.

Those who keep their mobile phone close all the time or sleep next to it.

Those who travel by air on a regular basis (air travel security scans emit EMR).

Those who work in an office that has a Wi-Fi router that is turned on 24/7.

Those who use their smartphones for more than 6 minutes a day.